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Friends of the Poul la Cour Museum


To be the popular background for the museum and to actively contribute to the museum’s structure and operation.

This has included:

Drawing attention to the historical wind technology research carried out by Poul la Cour at the “State Experimental Mill” in Askov around the year 1900, which was of great importance for the electrification of the rural areas in Denmark.

Studying historical sources to help recreate several of Poul la Cour’s experimental exhibitions, as well as providing original effects for the museum and coming up with ideas for its interior design.

Working on the expansion and consolidation of the museum’s financial basis, which is primarily managed by the Poul la Cour Fonden.
Members can visit the museum free of charge every Wednesday from 9.00 to 14.00, or by appointment.


Private individuals, companies and institutions willing to work for the association’s purpose and interested in the historical development of wind power in Denmark are welcome to join.


The annual membership fee is DKK 150 for individuals, DKK 250 for couples, and DKK 500 for companies.

The subscription fees and any donations to the association’s work are separate from Poul la Cour Fonden’s financial accounts.


Register by emailing:

The Board of Directors of Poul la Cour Museum Friends:

Niels Bo Jørgensen


Per Lindegaaard Jensen


Inge Lis Dalsgaard


Leif Poulsen

Vice Chairman

Lars Pihlgaard

Board member

Kurt Pedersen

Board member