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The Museum

The museum is situated in the historical buildings where Poul la Cour conducted his important research into wind energy and hydrogen storage. This research made Denmark a global leader in wind technology, so it is quite appropriate that the site is referred to as the cradle of the modern wind turbine.

The museum is not only a story about a man and his inventions, but also an aspect of Danish cultural history. Poul la Cour was a follower of Grundtvig, educator of the people, folk high school teacher, and a deeply religious person.

Be sure to visit the Poul la Cour Museum to learn more about his incredible story.

The museum, which opened in 2001, is situated in Southern Jutland, approximately 25 km west of Kolding, 3 km north of the river Kongeå, and 3 km south of the freeway between Esbjerg and Kolding. It is located in the village of Askov, which became well known throughout Denmark at the time of Poul la Cour because of Askov Folk High School.

The address is: Poul la Cour Museet, Møllevej 21, Askov, DK-6600 Vejen.