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The Poul la Cour Fond

Poul la Cour Fonden
The Poul la Cour Fonden was created on March 25, 2000. It aims to secure Poul la Cour’s experimental center in Askov for posterity, to set up a museum at the site, and to gather knowledge related to the history of wind power.With support from the Danish wind turbine industry, Fonden succeeded in 2000 to acquire the preservation-worthy buildings that are the historical backdrop of the modern Danish wind turbine industry.

The Board of Directors is elected by appointment. Its chairman is Bjarke Thomassen.
Danish Registration No (CVR): 25 46 18 86

It is not a taxable entity under Danish regulations.

Fonden’s accounts are audited by Partner Auditing, Chartered Accountant

Poul La Cour
Poul la Cour, who lived from 1846 to 1908, is internationally known for his research into the utilization of wind energy to produce electricity. He also experimented with energy storage, producing hydrogen from the excess electricity produced by his test turbine on wind days. Both in Denmark and abroad, Poul la Cour is known as the founder of the modern wind turbine industry.

Though co-operation between Wind Europe and the Poul la Cour Foundation, the Poul la Cour Prize is awarded annually to a person who has made a significant contribution to the development and exploitation of wind power in Europe..

Poul la Cour’s experimental center

The experimental center in Askov was completed in 1898 and was designed by the renowned architect P.V. Jensen Klint, who created the Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen. It was in the experimental center that Poul la Cour, through his research, laid the foundation for the modern wind turbine industry and helped to make Denmark a world leader.

In addition to the site being transformed into a museum for Poul la Cour’s work, it serves as an education center for children and young people seeking knowledge in the natural sciences.

The Visions of the Poul la Cour Foundation

To operate and develop Poul la Cour’s former experimental center with focus on the following areas:

  • La Cour Museum and its activities within the areas of wind, hydrogen, solar energy, wave energy and energy storage.
  • La Cour Teaching with educational activities for children and young students in natural sciences.
  • La Cour Museum as a meeting place for wind energy businesses and people  connected to the industry.

The Poul la Cour Fonden Board

Bjarke Thomassen
Christian Ditlev Rasmussen
Steffen M. Søndergaard
Birger T. Madsen
Troels Thomsen
Leif Poulsen
Jytte Thorndahl