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The Public

The municipality of Vejen, home to the Poul la Cour Museum, makes an annual grant to museum to cover part of costs, including heating, electricity, insurance and other operating expenses.

Without this financial support, it will not be possible to operate the museum. In exchange,, municipal public schools can freely use the la Cour facilities. We are very grateful for this exchange agreement, which gives the la Cour Museum financial security and at the same time develops a solid cooperation with the municipal primary schools.

LAG is a Local Action Group creating development and innovation in local communities. The donated funds originate from the EU. The Poul la Cour Museum highly appreciates the funds that have enabled an expansion of existing activities and development of new plans. LAG has provided financial support three times for continuous development of the Poul la Cour Museum, allowing it to create and improve the framework for the museum activities.

The LAG funds have priceless value to the Poul la Cour Museum, enabling it to expand existing activities and develop new ones.

LAG has  four times donated an amount for development of the Poul la Cour Museum creating better frames for the museum activities.

These projects are as follows:

  • 2009 Promotion of tourism, business and natural science in the Poul la Cour Museum
  • 2013 Expansion of activities in the Poul la Cour Museum
  • 2018 Annual activities.
  • 2020 Energy saving and customer satisfaction at the Poul la Cour Museum
  • 2023 New kitchen at the Poul la Cour Museum